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Kurt & Megan

Venue- Rothschild Pavillion

I remember meeting up with Kurt and Megan to discuss their 2019 wedding, and thinking it was so far down the road date wise..... ( I think we met up in 2017 first). Then we had their engagement session, and they were SO great to work with in Wausau. Finally the day of their wedding arrived! Kurt and Megan were married at the Rothschild Pavillion.

Their kids and family surrounded them as they said their vows, had an awesome party (complete with pig roast) and most likely danced the night away :)

I think my favorite thing about Megan and Kurt's wedding day was watching Megan look over at her new husband. She had the cutest smile on her face, every time she glanced his way (and I don't think she knew she was doing it at all). It showed how happy she was!

They then set off on their honeymoon :) I hope you guys had a great time! :)

ENJOY your new life together! I was honored to be a part of watching your families combine! :)

Maggie Augusta Photography

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1 Comment

Jul 15, 2019

Love the sneak peeks! Our pictures look amazing! Thanks Maggie!

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