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About me

Meet your photographer: Maggie Fossen


Thank you for taking a glimpse into my world and  checking out my website!


I'm a mom to 4 beautiful, amazing, crazy kids. My family relocated the summer of 2020 (while everything was shut down) back to my husband's hometown area! We are now settled in Woodruff, WI and LOVING our life in the north woods! Along for the ride are our 2 dogs and 1 cat (we basically have a bit of a zoo!).  I have no shame in saying that I live on iced coffee.  We love spending time outdoors exploring parks, traveling around to soccer tournaments, going camping "glamping", and relaxing on the lake (in any season!).


I have been in the business now for 8 years. (I've had a studio for 5 years)

My first love is the studio and the creativity it allows me! We can create any beautiful/fabulous or simple idea! I love getting your opinions and running with them to make them our own!

With that being said, getting outside.... letting your child/your dog/or your spouse just

run around in nature while I capture them simply enjoying life is another favorite

of mine.

I pride myself in how many clients become repeats after their

session.  I love how my clients continue to allow me to photograph 

every moment in their lives.  I love seeing families grow, sharing

exciting news & photograph their every milestone!  My favorite thing

would be watching their children get excited when they come see


It warms my heart that I am able to call so many of clients my



Being a mom of 4, I can honestly say there is nothing I would rather do

on a Friday night than sit and go through albums full of pictures I

have taken of my little ones. (yes ALBUMS, PAPER ALBUMS, because

in today's technological world, there is still nothing better than

having your photographs in front of you in print) Going through

these albums is like traveling back in time, they take you back to the

small details of a day; what emotions were displayed, how the

weather way, what funny statement was made, what precious

relatives were there that may not be with us anymore.  Photographs

freeze those moments in time, they remain for us to revisit every

time we look at them.


I am committed to my clients from the very first contact made and I

strive to make each and every session as special as they are.


My goal as your photographer is to capture every moment; the candid smiles, the love and laughter; and to make you feel as comfortable as possible! I want you to be excited to have your picture taken!


I look forward to working with you!





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