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Steve & Michele

It can always be a bit nerve-wrecking working with a bride (or bride and groom) that you know outside of the photography world..... mainly because you always have the fear that 1. they will be a complete bridezilla, or 2. they won't like their pictures, and you'll still have to see them around ;)

Thank goodness Michele did not end up being a bridezilla! ;)

The night before the big day, I think we were all biting our nails, staring at the weather forecast with such worry....... it was supposed to rain ALL day. I had clear umbrellas packed and ready to go, and my rain boots by the door.

However, wedding day arrived, and it was a photographers dream...... the weather was overcast, no direct sun to deal with! :) YES!!!!

Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful at St. Brons. Michele was of course, gorgeous & Steve looked so handsome in his tux. Their kiddos were adorable.

The rain did end up coming...... but was nice enough to wait until AFTER we got pictures done at Iverson.

These two had their reception at Mill Creek Acres- the backdrop to this barn was amazing. So pretty! :)

- Knowing this group of people, I knew the reception was going to be one MASSIVE dance party- and there was no disappointment in that! The floor was packed the entire time I was there.

Photographing this wedding was such an honor for me guys, thanks for letting me be part of your special day! :)

ENJOY your sneak peeks, and your happily ever after.


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