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Jake and Caitlyn

When I found out that these two were UWEC graduates (like myself) I knew I would enjoy spending their wedding day with them!

The day of their wedding, I headed down to Mineral Point, WI and arrived at the Mineral Point Opera House. Can I just say that the Mineral Point Opera House was the PERFECT setting for Jake and Caitlyn's June wedding!!!! EVERYTHING was absolutely beautiful (The first time I had been there, but SO AMAZING)! Located in their downtown, they had the cutest alley way behind the opera house, with the perfect colonial row homes as a backdrop for some pictures. I also found out that Caitlyn and Jake did their engagement pictures along the opera house on a stairwell, so I had to make sure we incooporated that into their bridal portraits.

The weather, it held off for their pictures (YAY for that!!!! We got rain during the reception) and their reception details were so on spot!

How fabulous is this wedding!? looks like scene from a southern plantation house!!!!

You guys are AMAZING! ENJOY being married!

Maggie Augusta Photography

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